4 Considerations When Updating Appliances

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Nothing lasts forever – including the «vintage» stove that came with your adorable fixer-upper or the washing machine your parents gave you when they decided to downgrade. When it’s time to replace the appliances in your home, here are four considerations to keep in mind.

  1. Repairing vs. replacing
    Sometimes an appliance is so far gone (smoke is often a sign) that repairing it is not an option. And if the estimate for a repair is more than half the price of a new (or great, used) machine, Consumer Reports says you’re better off buying.
  2. Classified ads
    There are several reasons someone may be selling a perfectly good appliance. They may be moving to a smaller home. They may need a bigger, more powerful version. They may no longer be able to resist the lure of a fridge with a smart panel that tells their phone when they’re out of eggs. Appliance repair pros tell Angie’s List that newer appliances tend to have about half the life span of past models, so just because a machine is a few years old, it doesn’t mean it’s time for it to go.
  3. New, but not perfect
    Ads may insist Labor Day weekend (and then Veteran’s Day, and then the next holiday, etc.) is the very best time to find deals on appliances, but if you don’t mind a cosmetic blemish or two, you can find deals year-round. Many big box and furniture stores and outlets have «scratch-and-dent» sections where you can find significant discounts.
  4. Refurbished shops
    Some stores specialize in repaired appliances. They often come with delivery and service offers. If you can, bring a pro (or at least a handy person) with you when you shop to take a look.

Is it time to upgrade your home as well as appliances? Work with an experienced agent to find a great home.










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