Smart houses: top 5 technologies changing how we live


For years now, the idea of having computers built into our homes – and using our phones to control lights, sounds and other objects – was the stuff of films. But now, with smart home technology, many of these gadgets are becoming part of our everyday lives and helping us with everything from security to house work. Here are five technologies that are having the biggest impact on our homes.

Temperature control

Current smart temperature control technology is so advanced that, as well as letting you tweak the thermostat without leaving your favourite armchair, you can even adjust the heating when you’re away from home. Not only does this mean you can return to a warm house after a chilly commute, but it can also help you save on energy and money.

Home appliances

If you’re constantly rushing from meeting to meeting at work, it’s easy to forget to do some of those necessary day-to-day household chores. But now there are smart appliances that have got your back. Companies like Siemens, Bosch and LG have all created washing machines that you can set, control and keep an eye on remotely. Samsung has even made a technologically advanced fridge that takes pictures of its own contents then lets you access the photos from your phone, so you can see what groceries you need to pick up on the way home.

Interior lighting

Being able to turn the lights on and off via a smartphone is a bit of a luxury, especially if you’re all cosy on the sofa and can’t quite reach the switch. However, smart lighting solutions are more than just a lazy trick: you can also use them when you’re away from home to turn the lighting off and on as a deterring security measure.

Home security

While traditional security measures like sensor lighting and door alarms make you feel safe and secure while you’re at home, you might want an extra measure for when you’re away. There are now various smart security systems that are easy to install and provide plenty in the way of remote reassurance. You can control your security devices – and watch over your home via high-quality cameras – from your mobile while lounging by the pool on your holiday.

Digital entertainment

Domestic entertainment devices like TVs, games consoles and streaming sticks have led the smart technology charge. The main draw of these smart entertainment solutions is that they allow you to stream popular apps and programmes – often in high definition – without having to use complex (or expensive) auxiliary devices.


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