Easy Decorating Ideas to Make Over a Room in a Day


1. Atement tablecloth

Before this red and white patterned tablecloth hit the table, this room was quite traditional. But with designer T. Keller Donovan’s touch, it becomes an eclectic room with tons of personality. (And fun fact: That tablecloth matches the custom Thibaut furnishings in the adjacent sitting area.


2. Make bedding changes.

Jonathan Scott, home design expert and brand ambassador for Stearns & Foster, recommends owning two sheet and comforter sets, so you can swap them out by the season. «In winter, you want warm and inviting bedding, like faux fur and bulky blankets,» he says.


3.Try a patch of wallpaper.

If the bathroom is so small you can cover a small section because it would be too much to cover the entire room, but a small section makes a statement and is much faster from start to finish.


4. Brighten up built-ins.

Just because the back of these shelves are tucked into the walls, doesn’t mean they can’t make a dramatic difference when painted a bold orange (which designer Kay Douglass knew all too well).


5. Mix in a new pattern.

The mix-and-match nature of the patterns and faded batik prints make it feel like it’s a collection of old textiles brought back from a journey at sea,


Source:  http://www.housebeautiful.com/home-remodeling/diy-projects/how-to/g1242/quick-easy-home-decorating-ideas-0612/?slide=11

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